President Couple Documents

The documents listed on this page are for use by the Northeast Michigan DeColores President and Vice President Couples.  These documents can only be download after entering an assigned username and password. Unless otherwise specified, all documents are Microsoft Word Documents.

Northeast Michigan DeColores Bylaws (Word Document)

Approved Spiritual Directors & Musicians

Board Meeting Guidelines

Credit Union Signature Requirements-2014

De Colores Closing Welcome

Duties of President Couple

Exit Interview

Rector/Rectoress Briefing

Rector/Rectoress Manual

Rector/Rectoress Questionnaire

Rector/Rectoress Selection Procedure

Sample Holy Hour Announcement

Second Team Meeting Duties

Sermon on the Amount

Spiritual Director Information Form

Spiritual Director Manual (PDF)

Terms of Office 2015-2016

The Nicene and Apostle's Creeds

The Wedding Feast